Honor Yoga Now instructors will guide you through intelligently sequenced flow classes. Hallmarks of Honor Yoga's flow classes include: using vinyasas (plank, chaturanga, updog to down dog) in between standing postures or sequence, attention to breath and movement, and linking poses together. Yogis are encouraged to practice at their own level in this fun, and invigorating class type.

  • Power Flow with John Scott

  • FireFly Flow with Cathy Madeo

    This full length 60 minute flow class offers a well balanced sequence that peaks to firefly pose, an arm balance that will challenge your strength and flexibility.

  • Flow: Hip Focus with Charity Luyben

    This hour long flow class is designed to get into your hips so you can open up and release.

  • Flow with Evan Madeo

    This overall flow class will leave you feeling energized.

  • Arm Balance Flow with Cathy Madeo

    This challenging flow class incorporates several arm balances into the flow. Highlights include: crow, side crow, flying scissors, flying splits and forearm balance. Let's get started!

  • Live Flow with Katie Fanning

    This poses takes sequencing and makes it progressive, building on in each chunk.

  • Flow with Evan Madeo

    In this flow class, filmed live at Honor Yoga Princeton, Evan Madeo uses precise alignment cues and a strong sequence. Highlights include bird of paradise, lizard pose, crow pose.

  • Flow with Katie Fanning

    Strengthen & Stretch your hip flexors with Katie in this flow class.

  • Flow: Lolasana with Evan Madeo

    This flow class builds up to the arm balance and strength building pose, lolasana.

  • Live Flow Class with Cathy Madeo

    This one-hour flow class focuses on strengthening and stretching the inner thighs. Highlights include, fallen triangle, flying splits, skandasana, wheel pose and more!

  • Flow with Cathy Madeo

    In this 60 minute Flow class you'll get plenty of opportunities to practice weaving handstand into your flow! Not into handstanding? We got you covered, you can simply skip out on the handstands, or practice to your level.

  • Flip Your Day Around with Julie Bottini

    This fun flow class will challenge you to let it go and have fun, sure to turn anyone's day around.

  • Get up and Flow with Cathy Madeo

    This 20 min flow class promises to increase your heart rate and work efficiently, so you get the most out of your 20 mins on your mat.

  • Flow with Karin Weinstein

    This flow class focuses on one shape in several different ways. Highlights include sun salutations, warrior 3, big-toe-to hand pose and L-pose at the wall. Grab a strap and a chair if you have them!

  • Moon Salutations with Brittany Lewis

    Follow this moon sequence during the time of the full moon to reset with the moon. This short sequence done repetitively will get your heart rate up and your legs stretched. Perfect for busy yogis who only have a few minutes!

  • Flow with Cathy Madeo

    This flow class with strengthen your glute muscles and prep you for asanas that require you to use your glutes. Highlights include: crow pose, handstand kicks, flying lizard, camel pose and more!

  • Flow: Open your Hips with Julie Bottini

    This hip opening flow class infuses creative and intelligent sequencing to open your hips. Highlights include, cow face pose and flying pigeon.

  • Flow with Charity Luyben

    Join Charity in this strengthening and opening flow class. Highlights include skandasana, wild thing and king pigeon.

  • Flow with Katie Fanning

    Katie guides you through a well-balanced flow class. Highlights include: eagle to warrior 3, handstand kicks, and pigeon pose.

  • Flow with Evan Madeo

    Be prepared to feel challenged in this strong flow with Evan. Highlights include: toe lasana, losana, handstand, camel pose.

  • Flow with Heather Artman

    Join Heather in this flow class filled with plenty of twists leading up to side crow.

  • Flow with Victor Varana

    Join Victor in a 60 minute class designed to strengthen and challenge your core muscles.

  • Flow with Katie Fanning

    Poses are sequenced together in a fun and challenging flow. Highlights include Warrior 3, Pistol Squat, Side Crow. Check out Katie's How To: Warrior 3 & Pistol Squat to get the most out of this class.

  • Flow: Get energized with John Scott

    This 30 minute energizing flow with John is just what you need to get your heart rate up and your body moving at any time of day!