Honor Yoga Now instructors will guide you through intelligently sequenced flow classes. Hallmarks of Honor Yoga's flow classes include: using vinyasas (plank, chaturanga, updog to down dog) in between standing postures or sequence, attention to breath and movement, and linking poses together. Yogis are encouraged to practice at their own level in this fun, and invigorating class type.

  • Flow with Brittany Lewis

    Join Brittany in a full bodied flow class. Highlights include, revolved triangle, big-toe-to-hand pose, and shoulder stand.

  • Flow with Julie Bottini

    Julie guides you through a 38 minute flow class. Sun salutations, standing poses and goddess pose are highlights. This is an accessible and energizing flow.

  • Flow with John Scott (60 Mins)

    This 60 min Flow class with John Scott will create heat in your body and open you up for the rest of your day. Prepare to strengthen and stretch as he guides you through vinyasas and variations of Sun Sal B.

  • Strong Flow with Cathy Madeo (30 mins)

    Cathy leads you through a Flow class infusing arm balances and an inversion into a strong flow. Joined by HY Princeton instructors Katie Fanning & Stephanie McDade, this class will be sure to energize and inspire!

  • Strong Flow with Evan Madeo

    This 45 min flow class takes sequences and stacks poses onto them. The repetitive nature makes it a strong and challenging and meditative flow. Prepare to sweat and focus your mind.

  • Flow with Cathy Madeo

    Cathy brings you through a full bodied flow class that will leave you feeling strong and open. Highlights include, Sun Sal A & B, side plank, half moon pose, crow pose and more!

  • Flow: Feel Good Flow with Katie Fanning

    Join Katie Fanning for a mixed level flow class. This 40 min flow class links standing poses together in a fun and feel good way.

  • Flow with Cathy Madeo

    This 45 minute Flow class with Cathy will stretch and strengthen your hamstrings! Highlights include, side plank, pyramid pose, and hanumanasana (yogi split)