Gentle yoga takes a softer approach to the yoga practice. Whether you're looking for non-weight bearing poses, to reset your parasympathetic nervous system or are healing from an injury or chronic illness, gentle yoga will leave you feeling open and relaxed.

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  • Yoga for Tight Shoulders with John Scott

    This video uses yoga binds to stretch the shoulders. Grab a strap or towel and get ready to stretch and open your shoulders. Perfect for anyone with tight shoulders.

  • Bedtime Gentle Restore with Carolyn Chaiko

    This gentle restore class is perfect before bed and has a live crystal signing bowl savasana.
    Uploaded 6.22.18

  • Gentle Restore Before Bed with Carolyn Chaiko

    This gentle yoga class ends with a crystal bowl savasana perfect before bed.
    Uploaded 6.22.18

  • Gentle Yoga with Charity

    This gentle yoga class focuses on opening the shoulders, hips and spine.

  • Gentle with John Scott

    Open your hips and stretch your upper spine with John Scott in this gentle class.

  • Gentle Yoga with Megan Ryan

    Join Megan in this back strengthening and stretching gentle class that takes place entirely on the floor. Relax, stretch, and strengthen in a gentle way.

  • Gentle with John Scott

    This Gentle Yoga class with John will get your body to open in an accessible way.

  • Gentle: Yoga Before Bed with Julie Bottini

    Join Julie for a gentle yoga class perfect before bed. This non-weight bearing class will open and cool you down for bedtime. Julie ends class with a 10 minute svasana to live crystal healing bowls and reiki.

  • Gentle Yoga with Liz Alvarez

    Gentle yoga stretches and moves your body in a safe and accessible way. Use this practice when you're recovering from injuries, need to reset your para sympathetic nervous system, or to supplement a more strenuous yoga practice. Join Liz Alverez as she leads you through a 75 minute gentle yoga cl...