Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga

Most people don't wake up ready to move through the day because your sedentary body from the night's sleep makes your joints stiff. Wake up and ease into your body with these morning yoga routines.

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Morning Yoga
  • Morning/Bedtime Yin Yoga

    Great when you first wake up or before you go to bed. Grab some pillows and get stretchy.

  • Morning Yoga with Cathy Madeo

    Wake up your body slowly with this mindful approach to yoga. You'll stretch and warm all the major muscle groups so you can start your day feeling open and warm.

  • Quick Morning Yoga with Cathy Madeo

    Only have 20 mins? Get out of bed and open your body with Cathy for this morning routine that warms up and stretches all major muscle groups. Grab a blanket, blocks and strap if you have them, if not get creative using household items.

  • Morning Yoga with Liz Alvarez

    This morning yoga routine will get all your joints moving to prepare you to feel good for the rest of the day.