Float Forward with Cathy & Evan Madeo

Float Forward with Cathy & Evan Madeo

This series of videos teaches you a step-by-step method for learning how to float from downward facing dog to forward fold. The series teaches you core strengthening exercises to build the foundation of floating and alignment principles of the float. You'll learn how to tuck and pike forward and learn how to slow down your descent. Those newer to this practice will have plenty of modifications offered to build strength and have a path to progress, those farther on the journey will be challenged by drills appropriate for their level.

Float Forward with Cathy & Evan Madeo

7 Videos

  • Float Forward Trailer

    Learn how to float from downward facing dog to your forward fold with ease, grace and strength in this step by step method developed by Cathy & Evan Madeo.

  • Float Forward Series: Video 1 Hollow Body

    The first video in the Float Forward series teaches you the hollow body shape in your body with several core strengthening drills to attain the shape. This is a foundational key to your float forward.

  • Float Forward Series: Video 2: Weight Bearing

    This video flips the hollow body shape onto your hands. Wrist, core and shoulder strengtheners will be taught as we continue to build the foundation for your float.

  • Float Forward Series: Video 3: Launching

    This video will teach you how to undo your alignment in downward facing dog so you can launch off to a successful float forward. Frog and tuck jumps will be introduced.

  • Float Forward Series: Video 4 Block Hops/Toe Taps

    This video builds on the foundation and teaches you the necessary lean forward you'll need to put the brakes on your movement forward.

  • Float Forward series: Video 5: Negatives

    Now that you know how to move forward for your float, it's time to learn how to lower down slowly. This video focuses on the negative, or how to lower your body slowly to find the float.

  • Float Forward series: Video 6 Full Class

    We're putting it all together in a class designed to go over several of the key drills with plenty of opportunity to float forward in your practice.