Roots (beginner)

Roots (beginner)

Our foundational yoga class will teach you the basic yoga postures with a focus on alignment and proper prop use to modify your practice when needed.

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Roots (beginner)
  • Yoga for Tight Shoulders with John Scott

    This video uses yoga binds to stretch the shoulders. Grab a strap or towel and get ready to stretch and open your shoulders. Perfect for anyone with tight shoulders.

  • Roots with John Scott

    This Roots class focuses on lunges. Get your blocks and blanket and get ready to work on your standing pose lunges.

  • Roots: Building Your Balance

    This beginner style class focuses on foundational yoga postures with the use of props. You'll be guided through a series of poses to strengthen your balance. Priya, a practicing physical therapist and yoga instructor brings her wealth of knowledge to her teaching in an accessible manner.

  • Roots: Building Your Posture

    In this beginner yoga class, Priya guides you through a series of postures designed to help you build better posture in your spine. Priya, a practicing physical therapist and yoga instructor brings her wealth of knowledge to her teaching in an accessible manner.

  • Roots: Build up to Half Moon Pose

    This Roots class with Karin Weinstein warms you up in foundational yoga poses and then uses the wall to work on standing yoga postures building up to Half Moon Pose.

  • Roots with Charity Luyben

    This Roots class focuses on twists building up to revolved triangle pose.

  • Roots: Yoga for Healthy Shoulders with Liz Alvarez

    Liz guides you through a Roots level class designed to move your shoulders in all their natural directions.

  • Morning Yoga with Liz Alvarez

    This morning yoga routine will get all your joints moving to prepare you to feel good for the rest of the day.

  • Roots with Julie Bottini

    Get back to basics while stretching and strengthening your side and back body with this Roots class.

  • Roots with Cathy Madeo

    Join Cathy for a 35 minute Roots class focused on alignment and stretching and strengthening the body overall.

  • Chakra Balancing Yoga Class with Brittany Lewis

    This yoga class uses asana poses to balance your chakras. The class is accessible to all levels.

  • Yoga to Move your Back & Spine

    Join our anatomy guru for a class focused on moving your spine in all directions to promote a healthy back.

  • Quick Morning Yoga with Cathy Madeo

    Only have 20 mins? Get out of bed and open your body with Cathy for this morning routine that warms up and stretches all major muscle groups. Grab a blanket, blocks and strap if you have them, if not get creative using household items.

  • Morning Yoga with Cathy Madeo

    Wake up your body slowly with this mindful approach to yoga. You'll stretch and warm all the major muscle groups so you can start your day feeling open and warm.

  • Roots with Karin Weinstein

    In this Roots class, Karin focuses on undoing the effects of sitting that can cause a lot of stress in the shoulders. Stretch and strengthen in this intelligently sequenced Roots class.

  • Roots with Evan Madeo

    Get an overall foundational yoga class that emphasizes alignment and foundational yoga postures.

  • Roots with Katie Fanning

    This 30 minute Roots class with Katie will leave you feeling open and energized.

  • Roots with Megan Bailey

    This Roots class with open and stretch your shoulders and neck. Join Megan for this opening Roots class.

  • Roots with Heather Artman

    Enjoy this shoulder and heart opening Roots class, with Honor Yoga Hillsborough owner, Heather Artman

  • Roots: Ahimsa Practice with Charity Luyben

    Join Charity as she guides you through a 60 min Roots class with a focus on practicing Ahimsa, or non-violence, one of the first Yamas outlined by Patanjali's 8 fold-path.

  • Roots: Yoga for Tight Hips & Hamstrings with Liz Alvarez

    Our anatomy guru, Liz brings you a class dedicated to opening tight hips and lengthening tight hamstrings. Learn various stretching techniques as she guides you through yoga poses to open your body and free your practice.

  • Intro to Yoga: Part 2 with Evan Madeo

    Join Evan for Intro to Yoga: Part 2, a four-part yoga series that will teach you the foundational elements of yoga so you can practice safely. Part 2, builds on the first video in the series and adds on by breaking down new postures: Warrior 1 & 2, Side Angle Pose and Triangle Pose.

  • Intro to Yoga: Part 1 with Evan Madeo

    In this 4 video series, Evan Madeo introduces foundational yoga concepts and basic postures. Focus is on alignment and ways to modify so you can safely progress your practice. If you're new to yoga, start here!

  • Roots: Overall Foundations with Liz Alvarez

    Join Liz Alvarez in a 50 min Roots class that covers foundational yoga poses focused on alignment.