Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga takes a unique approach to the yoga practice. Yin focuses on lengthening the connective tissue by holding seated and supine poses for long periods of time. Balance out your practice with this inward journey.

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Yin Yoga
  • Yin Yoga: Move your Spine with Charu Varma

    This 45 minute Yin Yoga class will gentle move your spine in all directions leaving you open and calm. This passive practice stretches the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and relaxes the inner body.

  • Yin Yoga: Seated Forward Folds with Charu Varma

    This 30 minute Yin Yoga class focuses on seated forward folds and ends with a savasana. Yin Yoga stretches the connective tissue surrounding the muscles. You'll love this quiet, passive practice. This one is especially good before bed.

  • Morning/Bedtime Yin Yoga

    Great when you first wake up or before you go to bed. Grab some pillows and get stretchy.

  • Yin Yang Yoga

    This yin class, takes a little yang to warm your core up to get deeper into yin postures.

  • Yin Yoga with Charu Varma

    Relax with this yin yoga class designed to release the myofascial network, removing tension in your soft tissues.

  • Yin Yoga with Charu Varma

    Yin Yoga is a passive yoga style. The poses are held for long periods to better release the myofascial network. Relax and renew with this practice.

  • Yin Yoga with Lindsey Prassas

    This yin classes utilizes the wall to support and stretch your body. All you need is wall space and option for a blanket. Stretch your connective tissue while bringing more balance to your practice.

  • Mindful Minutes: Benefits of Yin

    Lindsey Prassas provides a few benefits of yin yoga in this Mindful mMnutes talk.