Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Full length yoga classes featuring Honor Yoga's signature class types: Roots, Flow, Calm & Strong, Gentle

Yoga Classes
  • Slow Flow with Cathy Madeo

    Enjoy this slower moving flow class designed to get you comfortable with intermediate level yoga poses in a nurturing fluid style of movement.

  • Slow Flow with Karin Weinstein

    This intelligently sequenced slow flow class will strengthen and stretch your hamstrings and outer hips to prepare you for wild thing.

  • Flow: Hip Focus with Charity Luyben

    This hour long flow class is designed to get into your hips so you can open up and release.

  • Bedtime Gentle Restore with Carolyn Chaiko

    This gentle restore class is perfect before bed and has a live crystal signing bowl savasana.
    Uploaded 6.22.18

  • Gentle Restore Before Bed with Carolyn Chaiko

    This gentle yoga class ends with a crystal bowl savasana perfect before bed.
    Uploaded 6.22.18

  • Flow with Evan Madeo

    This overall flow class will leave you feeling energized.

  • Arm Balance Flow with Cathy Madeo

    This challenging flow class incorporates several arm balances into the flow. Highlights include: crow, side crow, flying scissors, flying splits and forearm balance. Let's get started!

  • Gentle Yoga with Charity

    This gentle yoga class focuses on opening the shoulders, hips and spine.

  • Roots: Building Your Balance

    This beginner style class focuses on foundational yoga postures with the use of props. You'll be guided through a series of poses to strengthen your balance. Priya, a practicing physical therapist and yoga instructor brings her wealth of knowledge to her teaching in an accessible manner.

  • Roots: Building Your Posture

    In this beginner yoga class, Priya guides you through a series of postures designed to help you build better posture in your spine. Priya, a practicing physical therapist and yoga instructor brings her wealth of knowledge to her teaching in an accessible manner.

  • Live Flow with Katie Fanning

    This poses takes sequencing and makes it progressive, building on in each chunk.

  • Morning/Bedtime Yin Yoga

    Great when you first wake up or before you go to bed. Grab some pillows and get stretchy.

  • Yin Yang Yoga

    This yin class, takes a little yang to warm your core up to get deeper into yin postures.

  • Roots: Build up to Half Moon Pose

    This Roots class with Karin Weinstein warms you up in foundational yoga poses and then uses the wall to work on standing yoga postures building up to Half Moon Pose.

  • Flow with Evan Madeo

    In this flow class, filmed live at Honor Yoga Princeton, Evan Madeo uses precise alignment cues and a strong sequence. Highlights include bird of paradise, lizard pose, crow pose.

  • Flow with John Scott

    Join John Scott for an energizing flow class.

  • Yin Yoga with Lindsey Prassas

    This yin classes utilizes the wall to support and stretch your body. All you need is wall space and option for a blanket. Stretch your connective tissue while bringing more balance to your practice.

  • Core with Katie Fanning

    This short core video focuses on strengthening the psoas muscle with drills. Grab your socks and blocks (or any household object of the like) and let's get started!

  • Flow with Katie Fanning

    Strengthen & Stretch your hip flexors with Katie in this flow class.

  • Calm & Strong: Backbends with Evan Madeo

    Join Evan for a Calm & Strong class that focuses on backbends.

  • Flow: Lolasana with Evan Madeo

    This flow class builds up to the arm balance and strength building pose, lolasana.

  • Roots with Charity Luyben

    This Roots class focuses on twists building up to revolved triangle pose.

  • Live Flow Class with Cathy Madeo

    This one-hour flow class focuses on strengthening and stretching the inner thighs. Highlights include, fallen triangle, flying splits, skandasana, wheel pose and more!

  • Roots: Yoga for Healthy Shoulders with Liz Alvarez

    Liz guides you through a Roots level class designed to move your shoulders in all their natural directions.