Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Full length yoga classes featuring Honor Yoga's signature class types: Roots, Flow, Calm & Strong, Gentle

Yoga Classes
  • Morning Yoga with Liz Alvarez

    This morning yoga routine will get all your joints moving to prepare you to feel good for the rest of the day.

  • Flow with Cathy Madeo

    In this 60 minute Flow class you'll get plenty of opportunities to practice weaving handstand into your flow! Not into handstanding? We got you covered, you can simply skip out on the handstands, or practice to your level.

  • Gentle with John Scott

    Open your hips and stretch your upper spine with John Scott in this gentle class.

  • Calm & Strong: Moon Salutations

    Join John for a Calm & Strong class using Moon Salutations. You hold the postures for at least 5 breathes and ease into and out of the poses

  • Roots with Julie Bottini

    Get back to basics while stretching and strengthening your side and back body with this Roots class.

  • Flip Your Day Around with Julie Bottini

    This fun flow class will challenge you to let it go and have fun, sure to turn anyone's day around.

  • Roots with Cathy Madeo

    Join Cathy for a 35 minute Roots class focused on alignment and stretching and strengthening the body overall.

  • Get up and Flow with Cathy Madeo

    This 20 min flow class promises to increase your heart rate and work efficiently, so you get the most out of your 20 mins on your mat.

  • Flow with Karin Weinstein

    This flow class focuses on one shape in several different ways. Highlights include sun salutations, warrior 3, big-toe-to hand pose and L-pose at the wall. Grab a strap and a chair if you have them!

  • Calm & Strong with Megan Ryan

    This Calm & Strong class emphasize strengthening the glute muscles. Hold poses longer and move through your practice with an awareness of calm smooth breathes while strengthening your body.

  • Chakra Balancing Yoga Class with Brittany Lewis

    This yoga class uses asana poses to balance your chakras. The class is accessible to all levels.

  • Moon Salutations with Brittany Lewis

    Follow this moon sequence during the time of the full moon to reset with the moon. This short sequence done repetitively will get your heart rate up and your legs stretched. Perfect for busy yogis who only have a few minutes!

  • Yin Yoga with Charu Varma

    Yin Yoga is a passive yoga style. The poses are held for long periods to better release the myofascial network. Relax and renew with this practice.

  • Yin Yoga with Charu Varma

    Relax with this yin yoga class designed to release the myofascial network, removing tension in your soft tissues.

  • Yoga to Move your Back & Spine

    Join our anatomy guru for a class focused on moving your spine in all directions to promote a healthy back.

  • Restorative Yoga with Shannon Cramner

    Join Shannon in this meditative and restorative experience. Get your blankets ready and let's unwind

  • Calm & Strong: Root Chakra with Evan Madeo

    Join Evan Madeo for a Root Chakra balancing yoga practice Calm and Strong style.

  • Morning Yoga with Cathy Madeo

    Wake up your body slowly with this mindful approach to yoga. You'll stretch and warm all the major muscle groups so you can start your day feeling open and warm.

  • Quick Morning Yoga with Cathy Madeo

    Only have 20 mins? Get out of bed and open your body with Cathy for this morning routine that warms up and stretches all major muscle groups. Grab a blanket, blocks and strap if you have them, if not get creative using household items.

  • Calm and Strong with John Scott

    This brief Calm and Strong class with stretched and strengthen your hamstring

  • Flow with Cathy Madeo

    This flow class with strengthen your glute muscles and prep you for asanas that require you to use your glutes. Highlights include: crow pose, handstand kicks, flying lizard, camel pose and more!

  • Core with Cathy Madeo & Katie Fanning

    Cathy and Katie jam pack this 20 min core conditioning class with overall strengthening drills. Grab a pair of socks and let's get started!

  • Flow: Open your Hips with Julie Bottini

    This hip opening flow class infuses creative and intelligent sequencing to open your hips. Highlights include, cow face pose and flying pigeon.

  • Flow with Charity Luyben

    Join Charity in this strengthening and opening flow class. Highlights include skandasana, wild thing and king pigeon.