Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Full length yoga classes featuring Honor Yoga's signature class types: Roots, Flow, Calm & Strong, Gentle

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Yoga Classes
  • Flow with Katie Fanning

    Katie guides you through a well-balanced flow class. Highlights include: eagle to warrior 3, handstand kicks, and pigeon pose.

  • Roots: Overall Foundations with Liz Alvarez

    Join Liz Alvarez in a 50 min Roots class that covers foundational yoga poses focused on alignment.

  • Flow with Cathy Madeo

    Cathy brings you through a full bodied flow class that will leave you feeling strong and open. Highlights include, Sun Sal A & B, side plank, half moon pose, crow pose and more!

  • Restorative Yoga with Carolyn Chaiko

    In this calming and restorative yoga practice, Carolyn leads you through a few different postures to relax and renew your body, mind and Self.

  • Restorative Yoga: Unwind with Carolyn Chaiko

    This short restorative class is perfect for when you want to unwind but don't have a lot of time. You'll get all the same benefits of a full class!

  • Roots with Karin Weinstein

    In this Roots class, Karin focuses on undoing the effects of sitting that can cause a lot of stress in the shoulders. Stretch and strengthen in this intelligently sequenced Roots class.

  • Flow with Evan Madeo

    Be prepared to feel challenged in this strong flow with Evan. Highlights include: toe lasana, losana, handstand, camel pose.

  • Flow with Heather Artman

    Join Heather in this flow class filled with plenty of twists leading up to side crow.

  • Roots with Evan Madeo

    Get an overall foundational yoga class that emphasizes alignment and foundational yoga postures.

  • Core with Cathy Madeo

    Learn about different muscles of your core, how to engage them and various exercises to get you strong from the inside out. This core class focuses on the psoas muscle, which when strong will left your legs in navasana and other yoga poses in which the hips flex.

  • Roots with Katie Fanning

    This 30 minute Roots class with Katie will leave you feeling open and energized.

  • Core with Katie Fanning

    This short Core class focuses on strengthening your core from the inside out to bring more stability and strength to your yoga practice.

  • Core: Overall Core with Cathy Madeo

    Core conditioning focuses on strengthening and educating your core muscles on how to activate. Cathy Madeo leads you through a 30 minute Core class focused on overall core engagement. Get strong from the inside out!

  • Gentle Yoga with Megan Ryan

    Join Megan in this back strengthening and stretching gentle class that takes place entirely on the floor. Relax, stretch, and strengthen in a gentle way.

  • Flow with Victor Varana

    Join Victor in a 60 minute class designed to strengthen and challenge your core muscles.

  • Flow with Katie Fanning

    Poses are sequenced together in a fun and challenging flow. Highlights include Warrior 3, Pistol Squat, Side Crow. Check out Katie's How To: Warrior 3 & Pistol Squat to get the most out of this class.

  • Roots with Megan Bailey

    This Roots class with open and stretch your shoulders and neck. Join Megan for this opening Roots class.

  • Gentle with John Scott

    This Gentle Yoga class with John will get your body to open in an accessible way.

  • Flow: Get energized with John Scott

    This 30 minute energizing flow with John is just what you need to get your heart rate up and your body moving at any time of day!

  • Roots with Heather Artman

    Enjoy this shoulder and heart opening Roots class, with Honor Yoga Hillsborough owner, Heather Artman

  • Flow with Brittany Lewis

    Join Brittany in a full bodied flow class. Highlights include, revolved triangle, big-toe-to-hand pose, and shoulder stand.

  • Roots: Yoga for Tight Hips & Hamstrings with Liz Alvarez

    Our anatomy guru, Liz brings you a class dedicated to opening tight hips and lengthening tight hamstrings. Learn various stretching techniques as she guides you through yoga poses to open your body and free your practice.

  • Roots: Ahimsa Practice with Charity Luyben

    Join Charity as she guides you through a 60 min Roots class with a focus on practicing Ahimsa, or non-violence, one of the first Yamas outlined by Patanjali's 8 fold-path.

  • Intro to Yoga: Part 2 with Evan Madeo

    Join Evan for Intro to Yoga: Part 2, a four-part yoga series that will teach you the foundational elements of yoga so you can practice safely. Part 2, builds on the first video in the series and adds on by breaking down new postures: Warrior 1 & 2, Side Angle Pose and Triangle Pose.